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What we do

Education programs

Capacity building and skills development,training and internship are key approaches used by EPO in education field. EPO organizes specific educational programs,training and internship whereby the beneficiaries who finish the program, get certificates and become alumni of EPO . EPO welcomes beneficiaries who want to learn and gain skills in different perspectives. EPO always encourages applications from all individuals regardless of their age, race,gender,sexual orientation,marital status, ethnicity,physical ability or any other legally protected basis. In the window of education,EPO wants to contribute to making a positive impact in the lives of the community either locally,nationally or internationally.
EPO, looks forward to promoting children from poor families to get access to formal education like the rest from rich families;this shall be done via linking children from teen mothers each with their personal sponsors, who shall pledge to pay for their school fees for a certain period of time. Through Isano Radio program, EPO and its partners from different schools organizes weekly radio programs,that air at all market and car park radios simultaneously. Those programs teach students general knowledge and public speaking. Moreover,with the use of Isano Radio and all car park and market radios,EPO plans on diffusing a regular language class whereby the beneficiaries will learn French,English and Swahili.