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Rubavu, Huye and Rusizi residents mobilized on ‘Human Trafficking’

The residents from Rubavu, Rusizi of western and Huye of Southern Province were called upon the fight against Human Trafficking as a community mobilization organized by Easy and Possible Organization in partnership with IOM (International Organization for Migration Rwanda) and other stakeholders: SIDA, MINIJUST and UN WOMEN.

The campaign which run from 11th to 17th September 2021 was launched to sensitize people on the prevention and control of human trafficking especilally the locals here.

It was launched after it was revealed that even in Rwanda; some people fall into the trap of trafficking unknowingly, and find themselves in danger and some end up falling into it.

This community mobilization used printed materials of flyers and banners with the messages explaining what human trafficking is , how it is done, who does it, who gets affected by it and how to combat it.

In addition, despite distributing fliers among the population, posters and banners were hung in places where many people gather. Another reach-out system used was the mobile sound rounding all the populated areas spreading the message in jingle and sketch.

What is Human trafficking?

Human trafficking is an act of crime done around the world, where perpetrators attack men, women and children through threats, force, kidnapping, deception, power, money, job fraud and so on, their goal is to make money from their victims, through forced labor, slavery, brainwashing, sexual exploitation or physical abuse and much more.

“Human Trafficking in Rwanda increased to 96 cases in 2019 whereas there were reports of only 33 cases in 2018. Considering the aggravated unemployment and declined social standards with the arrival of the pandemic, 2020 likely give way to increased human trafficking in Rwanda’’, according to the Borgen Project Report of 2020.

Some characteristics of the human trafficking victim include symptoms of:

  • physical abuse and injury
  • poor health
  • depression extreme anxiety
  • no authority over their official document
  • avoid eye contact with local and security authorities

This campaign was also carried out as per the COVID-19 prevention measures instructed by the ministry of health. The campaign was also supported by various celebrities including popular  female singer & artist; Queen Cha, social media influencers Umutoni Nadia and Karangwa Ange who wanted to lend their hand towards  fighting against  human trafficking by spreading the word to their  fans and followers in and out of the country.

This whole campaign against Human Trafficking in Huye, Rusizi and Rubavu districts was implemented by Easy and Possible Organization, a local NGO based in Rubavu district which strives to empowering youth and women.

This campaign target participants were 100,000 people but as per the reach out statistics, a total number of 5,330,594 people were reached during the campaign.

Easy and Possible conducted also a campaign on the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, last year, in the districts of Karongi, Rubavu and Musanze.





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