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We do believe that all people should be treated fairly and equally, but it has been discovered that people with disabilities tend to be treated differently in many/almost all circumstances.  Those people may even get physically, emotionally and psychologically abused by their families, colleagues and other people unknown to them. But is it right?

 If we look forward to a better World of equal opportunity, we should clearly understand that disability is not inability, and we should help those disabled people who face such hilarious life challenges by seeing the best in them. Some people (mostly in rural areas) do not believe that a disabled person can do anything beneficial, and it is a wrong mindset which should be changed


  1. (Prevention from depression and suicide)

The above-mentioned expected mental health impacts of COVID-19 will require intense interventions and measures to mitigate the consequences on individuals, families, and communities.

Easy and possible organization in it expertise will carry out public and community mental health awareness, such as public discussions on the taking care of mental health during challenging times by professionals, should be paramount and channeled through ISANO RADIO dubbed on 92.FM and other platforms,

Messages of hope are necessary and need to be broadcasted and posted in all public spaces to reach grassroots levels. The messages will include the following

  •  Limit access to the means of suicide (e.g. pesticides, firearms, certain medications)
  •  Interact with the media for responsible reporting of suicide
  •  Foster socio-emotional life skills in adolescents;
  •  Early identify, assess, manage and follow up anyone who is affected by suicidal behaviors.

The theme will be ‘’YOU IN MIND CAMPAIGN’’ (WOWE MUNTEKEREZO) Easy and Possible hope without shadow

of doubt that the number of death caused by suicide will be reduced in Rwanda.


African NGOs Forum for Youth Development (ANFYD) is a youth-led forum established in 2020 under the idea raised by a Rwandan youth non-profit organization known as Easy and Possible Organization after visualizing how African development will go down due to COVID-19, which led to the economic crisis across the globe and life entirely. One among the forum specific objective is to put all African Youth NGOs together so as to tackle the consequences of the Corona virus pandemic facing African Youth, to learn from each other, share experiences, awareness and seek out solutions for sustainable development of African Youth. Hence, Easy and Possible Organization came up with the idea of creating this network as a platform that also enlarges its activities to African continent.