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Open call for application of volunteering to the aspirant entrepreneurs

Easy and Possible Organization launched open call for mainly  the young entrepreneurs in Civil Engineering, Construction and Accounting where selected candidates should be committed for availability in volunteering activities that aim at  turning around its main objective, which is empowering the youth for self-employment.

Full announcement:


TARGET GROUP: Young entrepreneurs aged between 16-30 years old

EASY AND POSSIBLE is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) duly authorized to work on Rwandan territory and legally incorporated under Rwandan law authorizing Non-Governmental Organization to work in Rwanda with Certificate Number 342/RGB/NGO/LP/07/2018 offered by Rwanda Government Board (RGB) on 10/7/2018. Easy and Possible Organization was founded in 2014 by the young university graduates upon the idea of a German expert in Business and Entrepreneurship called Karina Hildebrant delegated by Friends of Rwanda (a local German NGO). During her stay in Rwanda, she delivered many training sessions to the young graduates who were at that time in the situation of Unemployment. After the training, the beneficiaries decided to come together and created an organization with the purpose of reducing the rate of unemployment among the youth.
In its mission, Easy and Possible Organization strives for improvement of livelihood by identifying, developing and promoting talents, skills and knowledge of the youth in order to tackle the problem of unemployment.

This call for application of volunteering at Easy and Possible Organization aims at bringing together the youth from different academic backgrounds. The volunteering activities that will be carried out in general will turn around the main objective which is empowerment of the youth pro self-employment.


  • Local and International training opportunities
  • Internship in government and non government institutions
  • Playing the role of linkage with potential employers
  • Recommendation towards the sponsorship of business proposals


  • Rwandan Nationality
  • Age: 16-30 years old

Note: This first call targets mainly the young entrepreneurs who hold Civil Engineering university certificates, Secondary School Certificates in Construction and Accounting. The selected candidates will pledge commitment for availability in volunteering activities of general interest in case the Government of Rwanda requests for that kind of help for instance prevention/management of disasters and diseases like the current situation of coronavirus outbreak.

Interested candidates should send the following documents: Application letter addressed to the Chairman of Easy and Possible Organization, Curriculum Vitae, a copy of National ID and a copy of their degree certificate to info@easyandpossible.org not later than 13th September 2020 at 5:00Pm. For more details you can call 0789871425 or 0787900411.
Kigali, 06 August 2020

François Sano Niyigena
Easy and Possible Organization