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NGO Background

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Easy and Possible is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) duly authorized to work on Rwandan territory and legally incorporated under Rwandan law authorizing Non-Governmental Organization to work in Rwanda with Certificate Number 342/RGB/NGO/LP/07/2018 offered by Rwanda Government Board (RGB) on 10/7/2018. Easy and Possible Organization was founded in 2014 by the young university graduates upon the idea of a German expert in Business and Entrepreneurship called Karina Hildebrant delegated by Friends of Rwanda (a local German NGO). During her stay in Rwanda, she delivered many training sessions to the young graduates who were at that time in the situation of Unemployment. After the training, the beneficiaries decided to come together and created an organization with the purpose of reducing the rate of unemployment among the youth.

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We want to create an opportunity area where every youth,women and children can explore or learn skills to equip themselves with sufficient needs and help others to behave the same on a national and international level

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Improve community livelihood by identifying, developing and promoting their talents, skills, culture promotion and knowledge through mobilizations and training. We are aimed at tackling the problem of unemployment. Moreover, we work closely with youth, women and Children as our target beneficiaries.

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Social behavior change and community mobilization based in different sectors:

  • Education
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Handcraft
  • Descents works
  • Technical skills
  • And others



  • Positive masculinity: Due to this approach, we sensitize the men as gender-based violence actors to prevent all tentative and discriminations to gender-based violence.
  • Fighting against incurable diseases: The wealthy community is the main capital to the development, through mobilizations; all beneficiaries will get voluntary tests to the chronic diseases and get basic interventions.
  • Peace and culture promotion: The healthy community living in peace with cultural values. The community culture can serve as products for business.
  • Fighting against drugs distribution and consumption: Through mobilization and sensitization, we are targeting a healthy community free from drugs.
  • Identification of different talents within beneficiaries: All talents and vocational works have to be sorted out to make a business of the owner.
  • Support the beneficiaries to overcome the extreme poverty: The beneficiaries will be trained in job creation, saving and management principles in order to improve their lifestyle.
  • Development of identified talents: The identified talents will be developed through training by giving more orientation to the beneficiaries.
  • Linking the beneficiaries to the financial sources: The promoted beneficiaries will be linked to different sponsors and bank institutions in order to strengthen their businesses.
  • Vocational work and talents promotion: The developed talent will make the profession of the owner