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In pictures: Easy and Possible, IOM run campaign on COVID-19 prevention 

Easy and Possible kicked off the campaign on COVID-19 prevention in partnership with International Organization for Migration Rwanda (IOM) and The People of Japan using mobile sound, radio shows and printed materials. This campaign aims at urging the general public to understand and respect preventive measures put in place against COVID-19.

Kicked off Wednesday 9,2020, the campaign was run through three districts: Karongi, Rubavu of Western Province and Musanze District of Northern Province.

In addition to IOM, The People from Japan, Easy and Possible Organization is conducting this awareness campaign in collaboration with the Ministry of Health (MINISANTE) and Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC).

Check out the campaign in pictures below: 

Rwandan rapper Jay Polly delivering his message to the public including his huge fans at ISANO RADIO
Rubavu main Market was one of the targeted sites
Easy and Possible staff together with IOM’s Giulia Ravassard in charge of Migration and Mobility at Rubavu Bus Station
Mobile sound which uses loud speakers being used for delivering message to the general public across Karongi, Rubavu and Musanze
Hand washing frequently was encouraged as one of the measures which can help curbing the spread of the virus, COVID-19
Chairperson Niyigena Sano Francois of Easy and Possible with IOM’s Giulia Ravassard pose in a picture with students at ESG ( Ecole Islamique de Gisenyi). Youth was a part of the campaign where some schools were visited.
Printed materials are being used as a further way of message delivery to the public especially at the entrances of public places
At the headquarters of Easy and Possible in Rubavu district where Isano Radio will be working from, shortly