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Easy and Possible Organization “EPO” in acronym, is a social, non-profit, non-governmental, non-political organization that seeks to empower youth, women and children through many areas of interventions in a way they would feel educated, secured and with improved livelihood

EPO is formally registered with the Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) with the certificate number 342/RGB/NGO/LP/07/2018, and posted in the official gazette No 25 of 24/06/2019)


EPO was created in 2013 as a sustainability initiative from young university graduates who were unemployed. They opted to group ourselves in order to find the solutions to unemployment situation not only for them but to their fellow youth with same problem.

Since its creation, EPO has been engaged in various programs which include employability skills, access to capital and productive means, access to market, advocacy and various other interventions relative to youth women, and children empowerment.


Up to date, EPO has undertaken many projects with assistance of foreign donors and community participation. Now, EPO has full confidence of donors, community and Government Institutions in Rwanda and is recognized at national level due to outstanding services to the people. Since most Rwandan households own a radio, EPO decided that his NGO’s first activity should be to create a radio station (Radio Isano 92.0 FM) which we now use to spread positive messages to the community.

EPO has over the years engaged in activities that are driven by programs and policies aimed at influencing change in societies and transforming individuals lives especially youths, women and children in positive direction.