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Easy and Possible, Vision Jeneusse Nouvelle to foster youth capacity building

Easy and Possible Organization in the Great lakes Youth Network for Dialogue and peace. Our Diversity - Our Opportunity

Easy and Possible Organization and Vision Jeneusse Nouvelle signed a memorandum of understanding for the “Great Lakes Youth Network for Dialogue and Peace” Project aims at youth capacity building.

Launched on 1st August 2021 and expected to end by 31st January 2024, the there-year project aims at capacity building for youth regional youth initiatives.

The project is being implemented by KONRAD ADENAUER Foundation in collaboration with Pole Institute of the DRC, Léo Africa Institute and Cornerstone of Uganda, Vision Jeunesse Nouvelle of Rwanda and Actions for Democracy and Local Governance of Tanzania.

It aims also to strengthening the internal capacity of local youth initiatives engaged in peace building activities in the great lakes region, foster cross-border dialogue and exchange between them, and connect them with national and international stakeholders in politics, the private sector, development, civil society, academia and the media, and to contribute to peace and stability in the Great Lakes.

The Parties hope to achieve the aim of the project through activities that encourage internal capacity building, dialogue and platforms for meaningful exchange between the Youth initiatives and the relevant stakeholders.

For this project to be implemented some activities were put in place as follows:

Producing a Youth Action Handbook

Youth Action Handbook (printed, online version, smartphone app; English, French, Swahili), Training modules for the capacity building workshops and Training of Trainers will be produced and published in the form of a Youth Action Handbook. The Youth Action Handbook will be in English, French and Swahili.

Gender Equality Research Study

A Gender Equality Research Study shall show the gaps and shortcomings of gender equality in the Target Region and serve as a reference throughout the action to advocate for inclusiveness and gender equality.

Capacity building workshops

There will be training for the admitted targeted group’s members through capacity building workshops-one workshop in each target country over the course of 5 days to improve their internal capacity.

Subject-based regional quarterly group (video calls)

Quarterly regional group calls in subject-based fields of potential conflict in order to promote frequent exchange and dialogue among Target Groups members across the region.The subject-based fields comprise gender equality, environment (including natural resources) and climate change, political representation, democracy and good governance, land and inheritance, economic stability and employment, media, education, culture and religion and forced migration.

The targeted group is the selected Youth Initiative.

Regional Peace Summer Schools 

All targeted group members from the target regions will come together for a 1-week long annual Peace Summer School to meet exchange and continue dialogue.

Target Groups members will also come together to develop action in their fields. The targeted group is the selected Youth Initiative.

Summer Schools will be held in Goma (1), Kampala 2) and Mwanza (3).

Cross-border discussions on gender 4 debates

There are four debates planned on gender in cross-border regions in Kigoma, Rusomo, Mutukula defined by TG members, to promote gender equality as a cross-cutting issue.

These discussions will bring together 20-30 young men and women from the local communities at the border crossings of two neighboring countries to debate about prejudices, discrimination and stereotypes in a nonviolent way and to seek solutions. Stakeholders such as local political decision makers, community elders and religious leaders from both countries will be invited.

Local monthly radio shows

A three -monthly radio shows in each country will be set up for 108 shows in total.

The shows will discuss youth action and youth policies and highlight the role of youth as actors of change. Stakeholders will be invited for radio discussions which will follow a non-violent code of conduct and respect local conditions.


Obstacles and Opportunities Assessment were among the discussed topics
Easy and Possible was among Youth initiatives attended Cross border discussions between DRC & Rwanda in the Great lakes youth network for Dialogue and peace Project.
Discussions on how to strengthen the collaboration, participation and involvement of women and youth in the process of peace building and conflicts prevention in the Great lakes region were also held