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Easy and Possible to commence ‘Umuganga’ as short film series and play

Easy and Possible Organization intends to kick off short film series and play as a Rwandan society’s educative channel based on social issues.

The ‘Umuganga’ short film series and play, will be identifying “social issues that endanger people’s livelihood and that is in line with our objectives”, said Chairperson Sano Francois Niyigena.

Umuganga, a short film and play,  which will be  in form of weekly series is expected to cover social issues and situations that expose people’s lives in danger, making affected people-victims into comfort as well as  come up with solutions to those issues.

Umuganga as a Kinyarwanda word means ‘someone who cures any particularly diseases’, whereby both this film and play will be hearing any victim, making him or her stay in comfort.

Umuganga film Series

YouTube is now becoming one of the most popular social media platforms attracting thousands of people. Umuganga film series is set to be a new way of disseminating information to thousands of people on internet via this platform.

Umuganga Series will be a seasonal drama special to children, youth and women and will be uploaded weekly, seemingly visualizing what is happening in Rwandan community.

Umuganga Play

Easy and Possible sets Umuganga as a play as another public channel exposing social issues which hinder Rwandan society. The ‘Umuganga Play’ will be a radio program on Isano FM and get aired at both Tax parks and Markets radios.

As mentioned above, Easy and Possible strives for having a well living community with a good livelihood. This is why campaigns are carried out leaving thousands of people educated on any current issues like Ebola, COVID-19, unwanted pregnancies, drug abuse among others.

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