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Awareness of Ebola prevention to 80,000 people


In partnership with UNICEF Rwanda, Ministry of Health, Rwanda Biomedical Centre and USAID, Easy and Possible Organization conducted a campaign on Ebola Virus Disease prevention across 7 districts of 3 provinces. This campaign run in March 2019 brought together at least 80,000 people who attended the roadshows at 13 sites. 

During this campaign, the population was able to learn much about Ebola virus disease. In this view, trained staff from Easy and Possible Organization at each site, they made a presentation on how Ebola spreads, symptoms, prevention methods and updates on the situation in DRC, where this disease is an outbreak from last year.

In his interaction with the population at different sites, Mr Justin Rutayisire who is UNICEF Communication and Development Specialist explained that the campaign on Ebola prevention is important to Rwandans because of its neighbourhood with the Democratic Republic of Congo. “Today Ebola virus disease is in DRC, precisely in the Northern Kivu Province which borders with Rwanda.  Though the neighbouring districts with Rwanda are not yet affected, we have to be careful because the movement of people between DRC and Rwanda is normal. If we don’t take measures to contain that disease, we can be also contaminated. It’s very necessary to make awareness on contamination, symptoms and prevention of Ebola in order to avoid any single case of Ebola in Rwanda”, said Rutayisire.

One of the people who attended the campaign on Ebola prevention is Ms Angelique Nikuze, a resident in Rambura, Nyabihu District, Western Province. She hailed the organizers of the campaign on Ebola prevention awareness. She said: “Before this campaign, I used to hear about Ebola but without much information on this disease. Today I learnt about how it spreads, its symptoms and prevention methods. I am really grateful to organizers because information we acquired will help us so much in the prevention process of Ebola virus disease spread.”

The campaign was conducted in the districts of Rubavu, Rutsiro, Karongi, Nyabihu, Bulera, Gicumbi and Nyagatare. It brought together around 80,000 people with an average of 5,000 attendees per site. The main activities in the road shows were the presentation on how Ebola virus disease spreads, symptoms, treatment and prevention methods. Further, there were sessions of drama play and comprehension test as well as awarding those who show they understood better basic information on Ebola virus disease.